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PUD1300B, Two Speed, Economy Electric Hydraulic Pump, 3/2 Solenoid Valve, 115V, For use with single acting Cylinders

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37.20 LBS
Introducing the PUD1300B Electric Pump, the perfect solution for any heavy-duty hydraulic needs. This innovative electric pump is built to last and provides powerful and reliable performance. It's easy to use and maintain, and is designed to make work easier and faster. With a robust and durable construction, you can trust that this pump can handle any job. Buy online today or call us at (704) 463-1070 with any questions. Get your PUD1300B Electric Pump now!
PUD-1300B Pump, Electric, Economy, 3-Way, Dump & Hold

PUD-1300B Electric Enerpac Pump PU Series Hydraulic Economy Electric Pumps

Model : PUD1300B Series : PU Product Lines : Industrial Tools The Economy pump is best suited to power small to medium size cylinders or hydraulic tools. Its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for applications which require easy transport of the pump. The Universal motor works well on long extension cords or generator driven electrical power supplies. Provides advance/hold/retract of single-acting cylinders 10-foot pendant controls motor and valve operation Ideal for applications requiring remote valve operation. Lightweight and compact design Large easy-carry handle for maximum portability Two-speed operation reduces cycle times for improved productivity 115 VAC 50/60-cycle universal motor will operate on voltages as low as 60 volts 24 VAC remote motor control Starts under full load High strength molded shroud with integral handle Designed for intermittent duty cycle
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