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RCH606 63.6 Ton, 6.00 in Stroke, single acting Hydraulic Cylinder

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100.80 LBS
The RCH606 (RCH-606) 60 Ton Hydraulic Enerpac Cylinder, Holl-O-Cylinder, is the perfect solution for a variety of tasks. Its lightweight, yet strong construction makes it easy to transport and use, while its powerful 60-ton capacity ensures you'll get the job done quickly and effectively. From industrial production to automotive repair, the RCH606 is the perfect choice for any task. Buy online now or call (704) 463-1070 and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions.
RCH606 (RCH-606) 60 Ton Enerpac Holl-O-Cylinder, S/A

RCH-606 Enerpac Holl-O-Cylinder, 60 Ton RCH Enerpac Cylinders Cut Sheet

Model : RCH606 Series : RCH Product Lines : Industrial Tools Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces Single-acting spring return Nickel-plated, floating center tube on models over 20 tons increases product life Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance Collar threads for easy fixturing Features CR400 Coupler
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